Asia and the Pacific


This Report argues that representation can become a catalyst for creating a society that offers greater equality and justice to all in a number of spheres.

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The 4th National Human Development Report

The report constructs human development indicators for different provinces. This has led to identifi ed regional disparities in Human Development across provinces.

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Human Development and People Empowerment

The intention behind HDRs is to place human development at the forefront of the development agenda, both at the national and local level.

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UNDP China took the initiative to focus this National Human Development Report on the topic of “Sustainable Future: Towards a Low Carbon Economy and Sustainable Society”.

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Viet Nam

The 2011 Viet Nam Human Development Report finds that economic growth has been the major driver of Viet Nam’s human development progress, while health and education have contributed less to overall progress.

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Environment and Human Development

Mongolia is at the biting edge of the tension between economic growth and environmental conservation. Debates have become somewhat polarised between these two perspectives.

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The Future of Rural Livelihoods in the Face of Climate Change

The focus in the 2011 Cambodia Human Development Report is on climate change and rural live-lihoods. While this captures only part of the picture of climate change in Cambodia, it is an essential starting point.

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Rising to the Climate Challenge

Bhutan’s Human Development Report 2011 “Sustaining Progress: Rising to the Climate Challenge” explores the linkages between climate change and human development in Bhutan.

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In the run-up to Rio+20, this Asia-Pacific Human Development Report takes a bold look at climate change and what can be done about it.

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