Azerbaijan General Human Development Report 2002


The Report details the progress that has been made on the road to sustainable human development in Azerbaijan and identifies directions for future development. The nation has rich human and natural resources, is well positioned to take advantage of its location by selecting and applying appropriate strategies and perspectives gleaned through its contacts with the wider world and by putting its existing resources to their best use. However, the Report also highlights some obstacles to human development, including in particular the high level of poverty, especially among refugees and internally displaced persons, and insufficient state financing of the health and education sectors. The Report also calculates for the first time the Technological Achievement Index and Human Development Index for refugees and displaced persons.

Principal Contributors: Dr. Urkhan Alekperov - NHDR National Coordinator Betty Blair - Consultant and Editor Ali Hasanov - Contributor Aliagha Mammadov - Contributor Arif Valiyev - Contributor
Human Development (General)