Breaking the HIV/AIDS Chain

A Human Development Challenge


The report discusses the general status of HIV/AIDS in Ghana, including a look at the pattern of the disease, how it is regarded by society, its potential impact on the well-being of Ghanaians and the way it is being managed by both the public and private sectors. The underlying argument is that attempts to accelerate development in Ghana, to achieve local development aspirations as well as the MDGs would be undermined unless the state and society at large take direct steps to curb the devasting spread of the disease.

Principal Contributors: Ellen Bortei-Doku Aryeetey - Coordinator/Principal Contributor (ISSER, University of Ghana) Kweku Yeboah - Principal Contributor (Department of Sociology, University of Ghana) Stephen Afranie - Principal Contributor (Department of Sociology, University of Ghana) Daniel Bright Twerefou - Principal Contributor (Department of Economics, University of Ghana) Phyllis Antwi - Principal Contributor (School of Public Health, University of Ghana) E.N. Appiah - Principal Contributor (ISSER)