Bulgaria 2000 Human Development Report

Excellence in the Innovative Use of Human Development Measurements Tools
Excellence in Participation and Policy Impact

The National Human Development Report 2000 titled “The Municipal Mosaic” analyses all 262 Bulgarian municipalities and identifies the economic, social and institutional variables, as well as attitudes prevailing on the lowest level of self-government in this country. The central theme for the report is the link between human development, governance and municipalities. The innovative approach for the report’s preparation and the launch of a disaggregated human development index earned the UNDP Country Office in Bulgaria the Special Award of the UNDP Administrator and the Global Human Development Report Office.

Principal Contributors: Dr. Andrey Ivanov - National CoordinatorGerardo Berthin - AdviserDr. Antony Todorov - ContributorDr. Belin Mollov - ContributorDr. Dotcho Mihaylov - ContributorDr. Georgi Ganev - ContributorDr. Julia Spiridonova - ContributorDr. Mikaela Vazharova - ContributorDr. Vassil Marinov - ContributorLuchesar Bogdanov - Contributor
Local Development (Regional/Rural)