Capacity Development and Integration with the European Union


The NHDR 2010 intends to serve as an analytical tool in assessment and promotion of more effective capacity development in the country. In the context of the One-UN initiative, the report will also thus help in supporting the role of the UN in Albania together with relevant policy and advocacy publications of other UN agencies.

Given the multiple systemic, organizational and human resource capacity needs to meet the EU accession standards, capacity development is a critical subject for analysis and public debate at this time, and could have a significant impact on the policy choices made today and in the coming years. UNDP and the UNCT recognize that given the potential spread of the subject, there is a need to focus on those capacity areas, especially in the public sector where the UN in particular brings a value-added in terms of assisting Albanians own capacity development, so that this analysis can also be used to base a high impact and focused One UN Programme in the country.

Social Cohesion, Exclusion and Inclusion