The Challenge of Sustainable Development


This will be South Africa’s third NHDR and will look at look at why the hoped-for sustainable development has not yet been achieved post-1994, and will attempt to find strategies to ‘unlock’ policy towards HD. The Report views sustainable development in the South African context as a rapid process redressing the imbalances of the past and achieving the objective of ‘a better life for all’. The report will present the current state of development in South Africa, including the impact of HIV/AIDS and calculation of the HDI disaggregated by province. It will then go on to identify challenges and prospects for sustainable development, most importantly that of accelerating economic growth with equity and empowerment. Finally, the authors will critique the existing policy framework and suggest processes for empowering people to participate in decision-making for the economic benefit of the majority.

Principal Contributors: Asghar Adelzadeh - Principal Author and CoordinatorJohn F.E. Ohiorhenuan - Director and Editor in ChiefCynthia Alvillar - Research TeamGuy Mhone - Research TeamHaroon Bhorat - Research Team
South Africa