Chhattisgarh Human Development Report 2005

2007 Human Development Awards: Excellence in Participation and Capacity Building Process

This Human Development Report on the State of Chhattisgarh will not only provide an outline for policy-making, but will also stimulate an honest discussion and debate on the model of development of the State in the future. The most important aspect of this Report is the involvement of the common people. This Report is historic and one of its kind, as it incorporates the perception of the common people in its formulation.

The Report is an expression of the voice of the people. It is an articulation of their needs and aspirations, dissapointments and hopes as well as their expectations and contributions, collated and presented by a team of specialists. The Report derives from the Jan Rapat (People's Report) that was prepared at the village level by the people themselves, on the basis of an extensive process of discussion, debate and consultation.

The process is important because it has been far-reaching in its impact. It has led to an awakening and an unparalleled sense of participation, and has reaffirmed the State's faith in its people. The process of preparation of the State Human Development Report has been a gaon dahar chalav (return to the villages) campaign, the result of a clarion call to go back to the villages. The Jan Rapat was written by the people in each of the 19,128 villages in the State and ratified by the entire village community.

Principal Contributors: B.N. Nanda - Director, Rural Development, Planning Commission (Government of India) Dr. Rohini Nayyar - Adviser, Rural Development, Planning Commission (Government of India)
Local Development (Regional/Rural)