Civil society, the media and internet as tools for creating accountability to poor and disadvantaged groups

2002 Occasional Paper
By Peruzzotti, Enrique; Smulovitz, Catalina

This report analyzes the ways in which civil society and the media contribute to establish more accountable governments in the region. The report is organized around two main sections: section I provides a general overview of the trends and changes that affected the development of Latin American societies and the media in the past decade. More specifically, it will concentrate on the appearance of two actors that greatly contributed to shape the agenda of accountability in the region: a regional network of civic associations and movements organized around demands for due process and a new form of investigative or watchdog journalism. The section describes both the types of actors involved in a politics of accountability and the main issues they have addressed. Section II concentrates on the workings and achievements of this politics of accountability. It analyzes the methods and strategies employed to make public officials accountable and on some of their accomplishments.