Climate Change. Russia Country Paper

2007/2008 Occasional Paper
By Perelet, Renat; Pegov, Serguey; Yulkin, Mikhail

This paper discusses climate change impact on Russia's economy, health and wellbeing of its people as well as its policies with a view to implementing its international commitments to the Kyoto Protocol and adapting to the new environment. In developing Russia's national climate change policies it is important to forecast expected climate change impacts on the country's different natural zones, economic sectors as well as to assess climate change vulnerability of human and social systems, especially indigenous communities inhabiting permafrost areas, which are now subject to thawing. In conclusion, it is stressed that climate change for Russia is an essential additional stress further aggravating environmental, economic and social issues, although Russia's overall energy demands may markedly dwindle and could benefit national economy. A response to climate change challenges requires designing and adopting special mitigation and adaptation policies, an early warning system for climate change relating natural disasters and abrupt ecosystem changes. In addition, Russia should play a constructive role in international climate change efforts.