The Concept and Measurement of Human Development as Participatory Process


The report focused on introducing the concept and measurements in addition to an assessment of the status of human development in Egypt. It gave some guidelines on how the concept of HD can be operationalized in Egypt. The Report attempted to explain the low level of HD in Egypt and to find solutions that could improve its position. It further went to measuring and analyzing the intra/inter governorate disparities and gender gaps. Initially, the Report linked the human development approach to other development strategies. It noted that the concept advocates a new way of thinking, with a development strategy that is more comprehensive and more humanitarian than ever before. One of the important contribution of this Report was the study of the regional disparities in Egypt. The most important conclusion is that rapid economic growth can be accompanied with modest HD and vice versa. Also, the experience of Egypt compared with some other countries that had the same level of HD, thirty years ago, shows that Egypt has fallen behind.

Principal Contributors: Abdel Fattah E. Nassef - Team LeaderOsman M. Osman - Project CoordinatorHamed M. Ryhan - Administrative Officer
Human Development (General)