Correlation Between Ecology and Economic Growth


The report reviews a number of questions regarding the human, social and economic development of Turkmenistan, and analyzes the economic conditions necessary for social progress. It describes the substantial changes carried out in its five years of independence, and the advances made in education, health care and social protection. An analysis of the conditions of the principal productive sectors, namely industry, agriculture and transport, are followed by a review of the potential of the country’s substantial natural resources.

Turning to the area of human resources, demographic trends are examined, including urbanization and migration, as well as the promotion of employment. Descriptions of the new state programmes in the fields of education and health show the results of the reforms being undertaken. In the promotion of human development, particular stress is placed on the need for serious attention to be paid to the development of science. The situation of women in Turkmenistan analyses the rights of women and their educational achievements, and the need to ensure that they enjoy their full rights as citizens, and that they can play a full role in society.

Finally, the Report presents a strategy for poverty prevention as the basic framework for promoting sustainable human development, together with the need for an adequate safety net for the vulnerable members of society.

Human Development (General)