Costa Rica's Eigth National Human Development Report

Costa Rica

At the origin of the eighth edition of Costa Rica's HDRs was this question: "does the NHDR fulfill a social need in Costa Rica?" This question translates in the Report into a reflection on the most pressing issues of public interest that is above all meant to lead to action.
Costa Rica stands a unique development case in Latin America, characterized by high economic growth over the last 50 years as well as political stability and particularly advanced social public policies. However, new challenges imposed by the fast changing world economy are facing the country. This challenging context has shed light on national structures' limited capacity to adapt, which accounts for the ongoing national crisis. The Report analyzes the shortcomings of Costa Rica's current national structures and tries to design a new paradigm of sustainable human development with greater equity, participation, and better governance.

Principal Contributors: Miguel Gutierrez Saxe - Coordinator
Human Development (General)