Dashboard 1: Life-Course Gender Gap

Life-course gender gap dashboard is a color-coded table, which contains a selection of indicators that indicate gender gaps over the three main phases of life course – childhood and youth, adulthood and older age. The fourteen selected indicators refer to health, education, labour market and work, leadership, seats in parliament and social protection. Some indicators are presented only for women, and others are presented as a ratio of female to male values, a so-called parity index. Three-color coding visualizes partial grouping of countries by indicator. Based on the performance on each indicator, countries are divided into three groups of approximately equal sizes (terciles) - the top third, the middle third and the bottom third. Countries with values of a parity index concentrated around 1 form a group with the best achievements in that indicator. Deviations from parity are treated equally regardless of which gender is overachieving. We are not suggesting nor are we using any norms about gender equality in these indicators, we simply observe distributions of achievements of women and men and use the tercile values of these distributions to group the countries. Cut-off values that are defined by terciles of distribution of each indicator are given in Technical note 6.