Democratic Governance: Alternative Approaches to Kyrgyzstan’s Future Development


This report focuses on the future of the country. Its main thesis is that democratic governance is not only a challenge for the development of the country, but also a vital opportunity for bringing about qualitative changes in people’s lives. Democratic governance, as outlined by the authors, refers to a type of governance in which social order is maintained not only by means of a formal rule system but also through the interaction of a variety of local actors. Agents of democratic governance (representatives of the government, the private sector and the civil society) participate in a collective decision-making process, together determining its future dynamics.

Principal Contributors: Nina Bagdasarova Akunov Aalybek Marina Glooshkova Tatyana Tretyakova Sergei Slepchenko Oleg Tarbinsky Gulnara Kurmanova
Democratic Governance and Empowerment