Economic Crisis Thailand 1999


The Human Development Report of Thailand 1999 is Thailand’s first NHDR. It complements the global Human Development Report by making available an overall assessment of achievements and obstacles to human development in Thailand over the past three decades. In addition, there is a detailed examination of income and non-income poverty and strategies aimed at addressing human deprivation. The Index of Human Deprivation (IHD), presented by this report, ranks provinces according to the extent of deficiency in human development. The index can be used by the government and civil society organizations in policy planning and targeting the deprived and disadvantaged. The report’s statistics on basic indicators, country analyses on priority human development issues and the suggested reform agenda all provide additional tools for the government and the public to make informed policy choices to reduce poverty.

Principal Contributors: Michael HeynChuachan ChongsatityooMedhi Krongkaew (Thammasat University)Amara Pongsapich (Chulalongkorn University)Pawadee Tonguthai (Thammasat University)Wittayakorn Chiengkul (Rangsit University)
Human Development (General)