Education for labour


The Report confirms that education is a crucial factor influencing employment opportunities. Hence, unemployment or leaving the labor market before reaching retirement age with no significant chance of finding new employment results from too low qualifications which also do not match the needs of the transforming economy. This in turn is a consequence of non-relevant content of education and its poor quality. Considering high unemployment rate (despite decrease from the highest level of 20 percent in 2003 to 12 percent it is still one of the highest in EU) and low employment rate in Poland (among population of age 15 and higher the employment rate is 47 percent) proper, high-quality education can become a crucial factor through increasing qualifications and competences useful in the process of seeking and maintaining employment. Education enables human development, creating new opportunities and therefore helps responding the challenges of a dynamic economy. This potential of education, according to the authors, is still not sufficiently exploit.

Employment - Sustainable Livelihood