Egypt Human Development Report

Choosing our Future: Towards a New Social Contract


This Report which is issued jointly by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Egypt and the Ministry of Planning and Local Development, is based on two important notions of change: A new 'social contract' whereby the state encourages further political, social and economic participation from civil society: by extending and integrating institutions that promote democratic practices and are accountable; by raising the quality of public goods and their delivery; and by developing policies that encourage private sector participation in development without adverse distributional effects in between-group share of overall wealth and a cultural and behavioural change such that the values of participation, entrepreneurship, innovation and transparency can prevail. This will require the creation and public dissemination of codes of conduct and accountability for public services, well-designed policies and programs for those basic public institutions that help shape values - schools and the media - the systematic public rewarding of independent thought, tolerance and social responsibility, and the promotion of gender equity.

Human Development (General)