Egypt Human Development Report Decentralization

Choosing Decentralization for Good Governance


Decentralization, and its various dimensions, is the main theme for EHDR 2004. All indicators show Egypt as one of the most highly centralized economies, where budget figures for 2003/04 show that the shares of local government in total government revenues and expenditures are only 3 percent and 15 percent respectively. In addressing the theme of decentralization, the Report has been conceptually designed so as to make use of a ‘theme-sector’ matrix. The main themes are political, administrative and fiscal decentralization, and the Report covers major components, such as local governance, private sector participation, voice of the poor, civil service reform, and capacity building.

Principal Contributors: Dr. Heba Handoussa - Lead Author Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Hay - Author Dr. Maged Osman - Author Dr. Raguia Kandil - Author Dr. Zinat Tobala - Contributor (Institute of National Planning)