The Fight Against HIV/AIDS Burkina Faso


The HIV/AIDS epidemic has revealed inadequacies in Burkina Faso’s ‘vertical’ approach to community health. The report advocates a universal interdisciplinary response based on local socio-cultural and economic conditions. It also explores how the virus has given rise to serious opportunistic diseases aggravating the social, economic and demographic impact on community development efforts. The report led the way to negotiations with international financial institutions, resulting in significant new allocations of resources. Five percent of debt relief funds will now go to the HIV/AIDS struggle.

Principal Contributors: Christian Lemaire (Resident Representative) Luc-Joel Gregoire - Principal Coordinator Harouna Ouedraogo Marc Saba Sanne Wendes Ali Juma Madibi Georges Ki-Zerbo Omer Bouda Tiegoue Mamadou Traore
Burkina Faso