Five years of Human Development Armenia

Excellence in Participation and Policy Impact

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The report summarizes the experience of Human Development over the past five years and, in fact, evaluates the transition processes that have taken place in the country. Such an approach facilitates an evaluation of both developments during the transition period, as well as the impact and usefulness of the previous NHDRs, through analyses of these developments and proffered recommendations.
The Report focuses on the achievements accomplished in curbing the deep crisis, establishing a basis for a democratic State, laying the legal foundation for market relations and institutional changes. At the same time, it tries to evaluate the social cost of reforms, which very often turned to be too high and has made the public at large experience mainly the negative impact of modernization. Of concern for the group were lack of social cohesion, the restricted regulatory role of the state, the haphazard implementation of reforms and the narrowed access to social services
mechanisms becomes evident.

Principal Contributors: Gassia Apkarian - National Project Director
Human Development (General)