France: Human Security: Concepts, Debates, and Application Executive Program for development workers Master’s of Public Affairs, Sciences Po Paris

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The 5 day training consists of the following modules:

1) Introduction to the concept of human security as a nexus between development, security and human rights.

2) The various political and operational definitions.

3) The political and operational implications of using the human security framework

4) Security-Development nexus analytical framework

5) Measuring development and insecurity: Qualitative and Quantitative indicators and indices

6) The Human Security approach to intersectoral programming and policy making

7) Participatory methodologies for needs assessment

8) The human security framework for evaluation and impact assessment

9) Case studies Strategies and actions plans for applying the HS framework to the context of participants

Method of instruction:
Training; Group exercises; Case studies; Expert presentation

Supported by:
UNESCO; CERI Program for Peace and Human Security at the M.A. of Public Affairs

Support to:
CERI Program for Peace and Human Security at the Master’s of Public Affairs

Support for:
Development practitioners; Policy makers; International public servants; NGOs

Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh
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