Fund Profiles: Global Fund, GAVI, Fast Track Initiative, and Roll Back Malaria

2005 Occasional Paper
By Development Initiatives

In 2001-2, the Global Fund received $956 million, $9m more than the pledged total of $947.5 million. There were no outstanding pledges In 2003, it received $4.3 m more than the pledged amount of $932.3 million. This was despite the fact that $2.4 million dollars worth of pledges were not paid. In 2004, payment received was below the amount pledged for the first time, by $135.9 million. Outstanding pledges totalled $136,735,210. For 2005, the Fund estimates its needs at $2.3 billion. At present, the pledged amount for 2005 stands at just over $1.2 billion. For 2006 and 2007, the Fund estimates its needs will increase to between $3 and $4 billion per year. The pledged amount for 2006 is currently $711 million and for 2007 it is $409 million. These amounts may increase after the replenishment meeting in March.