Gender and Violence in Namibia


The 2000/2001 Namibia NHDR focuses on Gender and Violence and its impact on Namibian society. The report gives an overview of violence as a global, South African and Namibian issue and explores the underlying causes and contributing factors, including globalization and social changes such as domestic violence and rape. Detailed statistical data on violence and gender issues in Namibia are provided as well as a critical analysis of responses to violence against women by central government, the judicial and law enforcement agencies and traditional courts. The report concludes with an examination of policy issues and offers recommendations for addressing violence against women more effectively within Namibian society, focusing on specific areas such as the prevention of violence, bringing justice and redress to survivors and support services for violence victims.

Principal Contributors: Mr. Stephen Adei - Team Leader (UN Resident Co-ordinator) Rob Blackie - Contributor (DEA) Peter Tarr - Contributor (DEA) Mark Robertson - Contributor (DRFN) Daniel Motinga - Contributor (NEPRU)