General Human Development Report 1995


The report urges the need for a continued change in the mentality of people and organizations to reduce dependency on the state, combat a lack of initiative and to promote an entrepreneurial spirit. It recognizes that the state is no longer able to maintain funding for priority human development needs, such as education and health, and calls for support from international humanitarian organizations during the current ‘survival’ period. It stresses the need to prioritize economic rehabilitation as the essential long-term motor for human development, in which foreign investment would play a crucial part. It urges continued efforts to develop a ‘diagnostic’ programme of human development to identify the most pressing issues both for the Republic and for the regions. This would also require a well-targeted programme raising public-awareness of human development. Finally, the authors call for continuing efforts to ensure that the state generates the necessary resources to maintain its human development infrastructure, including the promulgation of a law defining guarantees and support to human development.

Principal Contributors: T. Koichuev - CoordinatorL.M. Torgasheva - Consultant (National Statistical Committee)V.D. Lomakova - Consultant (National Statistical Committee)D. Junushaliev - ConsultantG. Diikanbaeva - Consultant
Human Development (General)