General Human Development Report 2002 Contributions to Human Development in Argentina

2004 UNDP Awards for Human Development: Excellence in Policy Impact

Argentina has the human and economic resources to overcome its current crisis, but needs significant reforms to remedy growing poverty and glaring inequality, according to this most recent NHDR, prepared by an independent group of experts. The report's Enhanced Human Development Index, introducing infant mortality, unemployment and the quality of education, shows huge social and regional disparities. Since 1995, the number of poor people has nearly doubled, with about half the population now below the poverty line. The future of the next generation is at stake, the report warns: in some provinces children under five account for three out of five people in poverty. Nonetheless, the report argues that the Argentina has the capacity to overcome these problems and offers 18 recommendations for reform. These include support for cooperative federalism to surmount the disparities among provinces, promoting human development as a key to improving economic competitiveness and revitalizing democratic politics, already supported by the people, as a foundation for the reforms. The report itself is a perfect tool to help make this a reality.

Principal Contributors: Dra. Liliana de Riz - CoordinatorJuan Carlos Portantiero - Coordinator
Human Development (General)