General Human Development Report Albania - 1995


The Albania NHDR vividly illustrates the dramatic progress made since the overthrow of the former communist regime, not only by the government, but also by the people as a whole. They have striven to build a country which respects the rule of law, which can provide for the main economic and social needs of the population and which enables its population to be both informed, as well as to participate in a process of public debate and nation-building.
The message of the report is very pragmatic and clear; the transition towards a modern and open society following democratic principles and universal human rights cannot be reversed. However, it also stresses that while there is a strong justification for sustainable human development as a guiding principle for future development, this concept needs to be defined in more precise strategic and operational terms at the country level. It is also apparent that liabilities inherited from the past will continue to affect the success of economic and social activities, for example to eradicate poverty and to put an end to the further degradation of the environment.

Principal Contributors: Gjergi Konda (The Department of Economic Development and Coordination of Foreign Aid)Ylli Cabri (The Department for Economic Development and Coordination of Foreign Aid)Milva Ekonomi and Dhimiter Tole (National Institute of Statistics)Remzi Lani (UNDP)Christophe Ribes Ros (UNDP)Valdete Sala (UNDP)Teuta Starova (UNDP)
Human Development (General)