General Human Development Report Bulgaria 1995


The NHDR provides an analysis of human development in Bulgaria and finds that the Bulgarian people have proved to be unprepared to cope with the transition from a society with restricted but clearly formulated opportunities for choice, to a society in which personal realization requires great personal effort in conditions of unclear regulations and, frequently, a complete lack of legislative norms. The report identifies urgent economic measures needed to stimulate sustainable human development. These include the stabilization of the economy, the strengthening of public administration, legal and judicial reform and measures to link the programme for anti-inflationary stabilization of the economy with policies aimed at stimulating investments and manufacturing. Recommendations are also made to protect the national manufacturing industry and the domestic market, to implement an export-oriented strategy and to promote agriculture and the food industry. The report insists that action must be taken now, in order to ensure a future for human development in Bulgaria.

Principal Contributors: Nikolai Genov - Team Leader, EditorIskra BelevaZdravko BogdonovIuliya BoyadzhievaTanya CholakovaIordan ChristoskovKiril GatevZlatka GlutnikovaLambo KiuchukovAnna MantarovaZhivko NedevBaicho PanevIordan UzunovMarina Zakharieva
Human Development (General)