General Human Development Report Croatia - 1998


The Croatia 1998 HDR is in part an update of the Croatia 1997 report, but it includes some new topics. There is an update on the economic situation, news from the labor market, on human values and poverty and equality.

Principal Contributors: Jadranko Bendekovic (Institute of Econimcs Zagreb)Sanja Crnkovic-Pozaic (Croatian Employment Office)Damir Grubisa (Institute for International Relations)Mira Lenardic (Ministry of Reconstruction and Development)Zeljko Lovrincevic (Institute of Econimcs Zagreb)Vlado Puljiz (University of Zagreb)Nenad Starc (Institute of Econimcs Zagreb)Lorene Skuflic (Institute of Econimcs Zagreb)Aleksandar Stulhofer (University of Zagreb)Sandra Svaljek (Institute of Econimcs Zagreb)Ivan Teadorovic (Institute of Econimcs Zagreb)Alica Wertheimer-Baletic (University of Zagreb)