General Human Development Report of Georgia


The Report stresses the issues of civil society and human rights. In 1998 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one of the most important international documents in history. The intention of the country to build a democratic society, one that gives the highest priority to the rights and dignity of every individual human being, is genuine and sincere, and the will is strong. At the same time we are well aware of numerous problems and human rights violations in Georgia - it is a difficult task to establish the rule of law and change the mentality of the bureaucracy, law enforcers, and the population at large

Principal Contributors: Marco Borsotti - CoordinatorMarina Muskhelishvili - ConsultantGaga Nizharadze - ConsultantElena Imedashvili - ConsultantDato Darchiasvili - ConsultantGiga Bokeria - ConsultantLevan Ramishvili - ConsultantNino Nanava - ConsultantGocha Gogsadze - ConsultantAlexander Imedashvili - ConsultantDato Melua - ConsultantTamar Berekashvili - Consultant
Human Development (General)