General Human Development Report Latvia 1999



The theme of the Latvia Human Development Report 1999 is globalization and human development. The report’s goal is to focus the attention of Latvia’s society, politicians, mass media, NGOs and businesspeople on the manifestations of globalization in Latvia and its impact on human development. Latvia has recently emerged from a transition period, which began with the renewal of state sovereignty and consisted of the consolidation of a nation state, democracy and a market economy. Now Latvia has become a participant in the equally influential process of globalization. The report analyzes how globalization has manifested itself in Latvia, the risks and opportunities that are linked with it and how the opportunities could be used to achieve the goals of human development. The report also seeks to provide a contribution to the development of Latvia’s long-term strategy, which is necessary in order to promote the nation’s economic, social and intellectual advancement in the 21st century.

Principal Contributors: Talis Tisenkopfs - Coordinator Roberts Kilis - Consultant Dace Jansone - Consultant Andrejs Vasiljevs - Consultant Aivars Tabuns Vilnis Dimza - Consultant