General Human Development Report Malta 1996


The Malta Human Development Report collates quantitative and qualitative data in order to assess the level of human development from a variety of perspectives including, education, the labor market, the economy, the legal environment, citizenship and values, women’s situation, the elderly, the environment and housing. Malta is shown to have a good human development record. However, what emerges most clearly is that both advances and declines in development appear mainly to be brought about by politicians, the wealthy elite or the Church. Contrary to political rhetoric, the ‘common man’ and other groups are often left out of the process. The report urges that for a more democratic advancement of human development, Malta needs to give public opinion a greater voice. The central message of the report is, ‘empowerment is more important than choice’. The NHDR aims to stimulate a national debate on the concept, strategies and objectives of human development, indirectly fostering the formulation of a strategy for human development. It is expected the report will be a useful tool for government, political parties and non-governmental organizations.

Principal Contributors: Joe Inguanez - CoordinatorAnhtony Abela - ConsultantLino Delia - ConsultantJoseph Ganado - ConsultantPaul Gauci - ConsultantEdward Mallia - ConsultantJulian Mamo - ConsultantMarceline Naudi - ConsultantRonald Sultana - ConsultantEdward Zammit - Consultant
Human Development (General)