General Human Development Report Nambia 1997


The Namibian Human Development Report 1997 is the result of a collaboration between the UNDP and the following UNAIDS co-sponsors in Namibia: WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA. In addition to providing a comprehensive review of human development in Namibia, the report analyses the potential impact of HIV and AIDS on social and economic progress. Following a critical appraisal of the current efforts of the Government, its partners in civil society and the donor community, the report concludes with a detailed proposal for priority areas for action and resources required. Future efforts should be concentrated on prevention of HIV infection and care and support for those Namibians living with HIV and AIDS.

Principal Contributors: Dr. Patricio Rojas - Contributor (WHO Representative)Ms. Nancy Terreri - Contributor (UNICEF Representative)Mr. Oddvar Jakobsen - Contributor (UNDP)Ms. Mary Guinn Delaney - Contributor (UNAIDS)Dr. Clement Jackson - Senior Economist (UNDP)Mr. Charles Sirleaf (UN)