General Human Development Report Romania 1995


In concluding the Report, attention is given to trying to identify some principles and actions for the implementation of a sustainable human development policy in Romania. These would provide the basis for a comprehensive national action plan as well as sectoral and regional programmes.

The main recommendations in this regard are as follows:

1. Promotion of an economic, political and social environment which provides all individuals with a right to life and equal opportunities for future generations.

2. The observance of principles of equity, universality, non-discrimination and solidarity between generations in the pursuit of human development objectives, and in particular in relation to economic growth, balanced regional development, satisfaction of social needs.

3. The establishment of a Social Contract to prevent the deterioration of human capital through the strengthening of support to vulnerable groups.

4. The establishment of a reproducible production and consumption model to meet the population's social and cultural requirements, through the adoption of appropriate macro-economic policies and instruments.

5. Balanced regional development in different areas of human development.

6. The provision of a social safety net to protect vulnerable groups from the adverse consequences of macro-economic stabilization and adjustment measures, e.g. through social insurance and pensions; social security for the elderly, training for youth, etc.

7. Improvement of living conditions in under-developed areas, particularly in northern and southern Moldova, through the strengthening of infrastructure for water, power, sanitation, transport, communications, etc.

8. Improvement and consolidation of dialogue between Government and populations.

Principal Contributors: Leo Goldstone - Consultant (World Statistics Limited)Beverly Carlson - Consultant (UNICEF)Georgescu Ana (Department of Economic Reform)Pelinescu Elena (National Comission for Economic Forecasting)Grigoroiu Ion (National Commission of Statistics)
Human Development (General)