General Human Development Report Tajikistan - 1995


The Tajikistan NHDR paints an alarming picture of economic and social decline caused by the break-up of established linkages with the Soviet Union, and aggravated by civil war and natural catastrophes in the form of floods. Partial solutions are proposed in certain sections of the Report, but the problems are clearly daunting. Establishing a viable economy and a process of sustainable human development is a veritable challenge. As a statement in the Introduction says "The status of Tajikistan is uncertain even now. It is clearly one of the least developed industrialized countries, but to determine the situation of Tajikistan as evaluated by world standards is becoming very urgent. The preparation of the first report on human development in Tajikistan is a contribution to the long and hard effort of elaborating a strategy for the development of all the people of Tajikistan.

Human Development (General)