Generational Aspects of Human Development Russia

Russian Federation

The central theme of the 2001 Report is human development across the generations. This approach allows an assessment of the consequences of fifteen years of transition, considering different strata of the population and their adaptation to the new socio-economic situation. It also outlines the possibilities of future human development in Russia. This report places a special emphasis on the younger generation, its economic and social status, values and priorities. As in previous years the report contains a comparative analysis of the conditions in the Russian regions, most of which remain terra incognita for the rest of the world, and a human development index for most of regions of the Federation. The report focuses on market reforms in post-Soviet Russia that have led to the current income inequalities between the generations, with the changes very much favouring the young. The report is relatively reassuring in some key areas, particularly those focusing on the young.

Human Development (General)