The Great Generation of Kazakhstan

Insights into the Future


The 2005 Kazakhstan Human Development Report presents the first in-depth research into the role and needs of older people from the perspective of human development in Kazakhstan. It analyzes the country’s social and economic performance indicators, focuses attention on the growing number of older people and discusses the implications of this trend for the economy, healthcare system, pension schemes, and family relations.

The report seeks to analyze the current and future social and economic status of Kazakhstan from the standpoint of population ageing and to identify issues related to human development opportunities.

It also seeks to raise public awareness of the key human development issues in the context of ageing and give recommendations for special programmes/interventions at the national and local levels.

Principal Contributors: Aikan Aikanov - Author (Vice-Minister of Health Care of the Republic of Kazakhstan) Yuriy Shokamanov - Author (RK Statistics Agency) Shamil Dauranov - Author (RK Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning) Makpal Djadrina - Author (Kazakh Academy of Education after Altynsarin) Anastassiya Kurassova - Author (Department of Employment and Social Programmes, Almaty Cit, Akimat)
Human Development (General)