Guerres, et après?

Human Development in Post-Conflict Situation


The Republic of Congo's first NHDR was written in a post-conflict context.
The Report highlights the damages and traumas caused by the conflict to Congo's human development and the urgency of reconstruction programmes for the revival of the country. The Report is viewed both as a tool for reflection for policy-making in the short-, medium- and long-term, and as an information resource to assist all development actors to take action (government, civil society, international partners). Consequently, the Report is also a means of mobilising resources and increasing public

Principal Contributors: William Paton - Coordinator Idrissa Diagne - Coordinator Bethuel Makosso - Redaction Committee Honorine Massamba - Redaction Committee Michel Niama - Redaction Committee Nestor Makoundzi Wolo - Redaction Committee
Republic of the Congo