Gujarat Human Development Report 2004


This is the first Human Development Report of Gujarat. It looks at human development as the goal as well as the development paradigm that is conducive to the promotion of development. The Report shows that the status of human development in Gujarat is determined by the macro development path, the efforts made in sectors like literacy and education, health and nutrition etc., and by the micro level preparedness and empowerment of communities. The State has experienced a deceleration in the achievements of human development in the 1990s, in spite of a high rate of economic growth. The Report therefore recommends a strategy that strengthens the linkage between economic growth and human development. It also identifies critical areas for interventions at different levels and in diverse sectors for promoting human development in the State

Principal Contributors: Prof. Indira Hirway - Author (Centre for Development Alternatives) Dr. Darshini Mahadevia - Author (School of Planning - CEPT) Shital Lodhia - Research (Centre for Development Alternatives) Madhavi Patel - Research (Formerly at Centre for Development Alternatives) A.M. Bhardwaj - Consultative Committee (Gujarat Government)
Local Development (Regional/Rural)