Haiti and Governance for Human Development

A Major Challenge for Sustainable Human Development in Haiti


Haiti's first NHDR demonstrates that the Human Development situation in the country has significantly improved over the last 15 years, especially in terms of health and education. However, this situation is not sustainable as the economic growth rate remains very low and relies heavily on transfers from abroad. The Report also takes stock of progress made in governance, highlighting the greater freedom of the press and the investment of tax revenues in education. The Report finally compares the situation of human security in Haiti to the cases of other Latin American and Caribbean countries and finds Haiti has become safer in spite of its bad reputation in this regard.

Principal Contributors: Oscar Fernandez-Taranco - Coordinator (UNDP)Diene Keita - Coordinator (UNDP)Pablo Ruiz Hiebra - Coordinator (UNDP)Jean Le Nay - Contributor (UNDESA)Antoine Ambroise - ContributorPhilippe Rouzier - Special Advisor (UNDP)Charles Cadet - Contributor