Harnessing Science and Technology for Human Development


Botswana Human Development Report 2005 focuses on the role of science and technology in the development process. The theme is inspired both by recognition of what humanity has achieved – in agriculture, manufacturing, communication, medicine etc - with the aid of science and technology and the development possibilities technology offers to Developing Nations. The central thesis of the report is that human development and progress in science and technology are mutually reinforcing. The technological solutions to many of Botswana's development challenges are not always obvious. BHDR2005 explores Botswana's experience of utilizing technology for human development as well as possibilities for leveraging technology to further advance HD in Botswana. The report will also address basic issues of human security – food, health, HIV/AIDS, shelter, education, information, productivity, competitiveness and inequality – in the context of contemporary development imperatives.

Human Development (General)