How can the MPI estimates be replicated?

Since the 2014 HDR, the statistical programmes used to calculate the MPI have been available at the HDRO’s website. The statistical programs associated with the MPI 2021 are available at the HDRO’s website for a large selection of countries (
For the first time in 2020 we are releasing programs that calculate the MPI in R, a free software available at For now, these programs are available for 4 selected countries (Benin, Republic of Congo, India and Iraq). This is still an experimental phase and we plan to expand the availability of MPI programs in R; in the meantime, we welcome feedback from the users.

Also, DHS and MICS data are publicly available online. Therefore, national governments, civil society groups, and research communities can replicate the MPI results as well as adapt the programmes to their own country-specific poverty needs.