Human Development in Karnataka 1999


The Karnataka Human Development Report (1999) attempts to provide an overall developmental map of the state. In particular, it analyses issues pertaining to health, nutrition, family welfare, education, income, employment, poverty, housing, water supply, sanitation, gender, status of children and decentralization. This is the first SHDR report that has dedicated a section on the status of the children of the state. Recommendations are made on the major macro issues considered.

The report emphasizes that despite the substantial investment in the social sectors, the level of human development in the state is only marginally above that of the country as a whole. In view of the disparities existing across districts, the report emphasizes the need for greater investment in social sectors to the more needy districts. But structural inadequacies have also to be addressed.

Principal Contributors: V. Shantappa - Coordinator
Local Development (Regional/Rural)