Human Development in Mountain Regions of Kyrgyzstan


The theme of this year's Report - Human Development in Mountain Regions of Kyrgyzstan is explained by the significance of mountain related issues for Kyrgyzstan
and is in full compliance with the UN decision to declare 2002 the International Year of Mountains. The Report covers human development processes in the mountain regions of Kyrgyzstan and contains indices characterizing imbalances in human development
potential and possibilities available for the development of mountain areas.

Principal Contributors: Asylbek Aidaraliev - Author/Leader - NHDR Working Group (National Science Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic)Mira Jangaracheva - AuthorAlmaz Shanazarov - AuthorMartin Shuler - Author (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland)Bakyt Namazbekov - Author
Local Development (Regional/Rural)