Human Development Report 2001-2002

Information and Communications Technology for Development


Despite significant advances in their development process, reducing poverty remains Tajikistan's main priority. Given the growing role of ICT as a key step towards achieving human progress, this report suggests new and innovative policies that facilitate the flow of information, services, goods, people, and capital will increase access to the 80% of the population who are currently excluded from the benefits of ICT. The analysis explores the interaction between the infrastructure of both old technologies (post office, telecommunications, radio and television), and their newer counterparts (computers, the Internet, wireless communications) as they currently exist in Tajikistan. The report further investigates the uses and applications of ICT in the fields of governance, economic opportunity, education, health, and the environment. Based on this analysis, the report calls for the equal distribution of such opportunities, to give the poorest the means to lift themselves out of poverty through greater access to information on harvest reports, labour markets, distance learning opportunities, and preventive healthcare measures.

Principal Contributors: Asomiddin Atoev - GIPI Country Advocate (Internews Network)Munsifa Babajanova - Deputy Head of the Department (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)Bruno De Cordier, - CIMERA (Field Researcher)Rano Domullojanova - Deputy Minister of Communications
Information and Communications Technologies