Human Development Report 2004 Government of Orissa


The Orissa HDR was released by the Honourable Chief Minister, Mr. Naveen Patnaik on 24 March 2005 in Bhubaneshwar. It analyses the State's attainments vis-à-vis three basic tenets that define human development – livelihood, health and education as well as some key issues that are central to human development in the State’s context such as food security and vulnerability to natural disasters. It discusses the problems faced by groups that need special attention such as women and the scheduled tribes. The HDR also elaborates on the critical issue of financing for human development

Principal Contributors: Nabakrishna Choudhury (Centre for Development Studies) Bhubaneswar. Dr. G.C. Kar, (Centre for Development Studies) Dr. Sakti Padhi (Centre for Development Studies)
Local Development (Regional/Rural)