Human Development Report Burkina Faso 2000

The Role of Governance

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso's NHDR 2000 addresses the country's need for elaborating a national strategy to alleviate poverty. The 2000 NHDR of Burkina Faso tackles governance both conceptually and within the national legal, institutional and political framework. Further, the Report provides an analysis of national development stakeholders' roles and capacities in governance. It highlights the need for building strategic public private partnerships to promote good governance in Burkina Faso. The Report also addresses the role of women in development and governance. It finally analyses Government's relations with international development partners, in order to make the most of development cooperation and assistance.

Principal Contributors: Christian Lemaire - Resident Representative (PNUD) Luc Joel Gregoire - Main Coordinator (UNDP) Harouna Quedraogo - Main Coordinator Mette Ravn - Main Coordinator Luc Marius Ibriga - Advisor Adama Konseiga - Advisor Mafing Konde - Advisor