The Human Development Report Office launches new set of online tools

17 December 2013

The UNDP Human Development Report Office has updated its website. The website contributes to HDRO’s outreach on Human Development by making reports and papers available, creating a space for dialogue on human development and providing open access to its many datasets.

This website features an easily searchable library of human development reports, occasional papers and human development-related learning resources. It also introduces HDialogue – a human development issues blog, and a set of tools to download and visualize the human development datasets.

The Human Development Reports library includes all Human Development Reports starting with the 1990 Report, as well as regional and national human development reports produced under the auspices of UNDP. Occasional papers, which primarily have been prepared for the global reports are also available.

HDialogue is intended as an interactive managed platform where users of the site are invited to share articles about human development themes and invite comments.

The online data tools allow users to easily access and share the human development data in a variety of different formats. The data includes the annual Human Development Index (HDI), which ranks countries according to a composite measure of health, education and income. The HDI is complemented by three other indices – the Inequality-Adjusted Human Development Index, the Gender Inequality Index, and the Multidimensional Poverty Index, as well as several additional indicators related to the environment, trade, technology, and other human development-related themes. Learn more about the data platform here.

Website users are encouraged to complete the website survey in order to describe their use of the online tools and to inform the office of any additional improvements that might better suit their needs. In order to access the survey, please click here.