Human Rights and Human Development Colombia


Recognition of the relationship between human development and equality is essential and represents the most powerful instrument for society's future improvement. For Colombia, - a country that is loosing part of its human, environmental and physical wealth due to internal conflict -, understanding this relationship is imperative. The contribution of the HDR 2000 is significant because it demonstrates how the internal conflict imposes the following basic principle: only with respect for the integrity, well-being and participation of every member of the population can be constructed a true nation, one that frees its population from misery, social exclusion and fear.

Principal Contributors: Alfredo Sarmiento GomezClara Ramirez GomezJorge Ivan Gonzalesz. BEdgar Baldion W.Patricia Garcia C.Ines Elvira Navas N.Adriana Rincon P.Blanca Lilia Caro A.
Human Rights