Hungary: Sustainable Human Development and the Millennium Development Goals

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Professional Development


Level of instruction:

Module 1 (2 weeks) on-line selflearning module Module 2 (2 weeks) In-residence

Module 1:

Conceptual Frameworks
Inequality and HD (MDG1)
Poverty, social protection & HD (MDG1)
Economic Growth & Employment/ Labour Market. (MDG 1& 8)
Demographic Aspects of HD
Health & Longevity (MDGs 4, 5 & 6)
Education & HD (MDG 2)
Energy & Environment (MDG 7)
Governance & HD
Cross-cutting issues
HIV/AIDS, Gender, Human Security, ICTs (MDGs 3, 6 & 8)
Global partnerships/ globalization & HD (MDG 8)

Module 2:

Conceptual frameworks
Major pillars of sustainable HD
Transition & HD challenges in the region
HD profiles & trends in Europe & CIS
HD Measurement
Mainstreaming HD & MDGs in National Development Agendas
SHD & other development agendas
Localizing MDGs, translating SHD agenda into “local development language”
Decentralization, services delivery & attainment of MDGs

Method of instruction:
(module1) Online selflearning using email & web-based communications (module2) In-classroom lectures; Seminars; Individual & group presentations

Supported by:
UNDP Bratislava

Support to:
The Summer University at the Central European University

Support for:
High level international faculty, advanced doctoral students, professionals

Andrey Ivanov and Alexios Antypas
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