The Importance of Habitat Romania 1996


The Report reflects current UNDP orientations. It emphasizes the habitat as a distinct theme and attempts to outline a comprehensive picture of human development in terms of the evolution of labour resources, education and health, and social protection. In regard to certain social issues, the Report also includes the points of view of certain nongovernmental organizations, and research institutes. At the same time, it briefly presents the goals and programmes adopted by Romania in various fields of economic and social life, and attempts to provide decision-makers and civil society in general with certain guidelines by which to improve the strategies of economic and social development that are to be implemented in order to ensure sustainable human development. In this context, the mutual linkages of economic and social progress are totally acknowledged. Romania is constantly directing its efforts towards these two essential goals.

Principal Contributors: Adler Serena (Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environment Protection)Doru Ionana (Ministry of Justice)Ursuleanu Dan (Ministry of Health)
Human Development (General)